Anna Mayberry

Anna Mayberry is a dancer, choreographer, and musician from Toronto.  Having trained in Ballet and Modern dance in Toronto, she moved to Montreal to attend Concordia University. Anna graduated with a BFA in Contemporary Dance in 2013.  In Montreal, Anna performed in various works at Usine C, Monument National, Tangente, Studio 303, Mainline Theatre, and Moyse Hall.

In 2011, Anna was both a performer and curator for the Art Matters Festival. As Anna’s choreographic process developed, she began to work within sound, video, and performance art practices.  While studying at Concordia, Anna created several performative works in collaboration with musicians and sound artists, including a yearlong investigation of vehicular movement with trumpeter Phillippe Battikha, resulting in two new works, Line of Flight and L’Inter-Etre.  From 2011 to 2012, Anna played a small role in Caroline Laurin-Beaucage and Martin Messier’s dance piece SOAK. In her final year at school, Anna collaborated with a small group of electro-acoustics and dance students to create an improv-based performance at the VAV Gallery, under the moniker TUNS.

Anna is currently developing two music projects, HSY and ANAMAI, both based in Toronto.  She is also a member of the Do What You Can arts collective.  Anna is increasingly interested in the contamination of “bands” and “dance”.

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