by Michael Trent and Dancemakers

Dancemakers' Artistic Director Michael Trent re-imagines a dance from the Company’s 100-plus repertoire, a body of work amassed over its 38-year history and created by noted Canadian and international artists. Wanting something other than a traditional remount, Trent creates a new dance piece in response to choreographer Mitchell Rose’s 1974 Following Station Identification, a ‘satirical dance on middle-American values’ set to music by Luciano Berio and Lukas Foss.


Premiere: April 2012
Dancemakers Centre for Creation

Choreography by Michael Trent

Created with and originally performed by 
 Robert Abubo, Amanda Acorn, Kate Holden, Benjamin Kamino and Simon Renaud

Composer: Christopher Willes
Musician: Thom Gill
Lighting Designer: Kimberly Purtell
Costume Designer: Vanessa Fischer


In performance:

In process: