Hi-Fi: Rumschpringe (2013)

November 20-23 at 8PM
November 23 & 24 at 2PM

Made and Performed by:
Robert Abubo, Amanda Acorn, Nick Andison, Xenia Benivolski, Ellen Furey, Benjamin Kamino, Simon Portigal, Christopher Willes and Jacob Zimmer

Lighting Design:
Nick Andison

Stage Manager:
Marianna Rosato

In Hi-Fi, the Dancemakers company dancers and their collaborators - Nick Andison, Xenia Benivolski, Marianna Rosato, Christopher Willes and Jacob Zimmer - come together in a different way.

In response to the extremely successful presentation of Lo-Fi, An Evening of Works-In-Progress in 2012, Dancemakers Artistic Director Michael Trent has relinquished his fall season and handed it over, along with all the authority, to the resident company dancers.
The company dancers and their collaborators are using the Rite of Spring as a jumping off point for Hi-Fi. The current Wikipedia entry for the Rite of Spring reads: "[in] various primitive rituals celebrating the advent of spring, a young girl is chosen as a sacrificial victim and dances herself to death."
A possible future Wikipedia entry for Dancemakers' Hi-Fi might read: "[in] various contemporary rituals celebrating the advent of something new, nine young people consented to sacrifice themselves into a history of sorts."
With the presumption of roles removed, the consensual mutiny can begin!  In, with and through Hi-Fi, the artists can question authority, criticize the mandate of the company that engages them, and push their own physical boundaries in a safe and supportive environment.  Throughout the unorthodox creation period, the artists surrender to the work: dancer becomes dramaturge, costume designer becomes dancer and dancer becomes musician in order to explore the conundrum of contemporary living.

In process and performance


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