It's About Time: 60 Dances in 60 Minutes

by Michael Trent

The time frame of the minute is a marker for our day-to-day existence, helping us deal with each other in this daily ritual of negotiation: 'Hold on a minute!' 'Give me a minute?' 'Do you have a minute?'

The minute has become the default measure for our interactions. But how long is a minute?

Of course, it's 60 seconds. But what then makes it go by in a flash or last forever? 

We are curious about how minutes confront each other, how they stretch or contract. About how the body moves and relates through this measure of time that can be so short or so long. 

And how we, simply living through a series of minutes, can survive and maybe, just maybe, make some sense out of it all.

No watches allowed.


Premiere: February 2009
Enwave Theatre, Harbourfront

Choreographer Michael Trent 

Created with and performed by Robert Abubo, Kate Hilliard, Kate Holden, Benjamin Kamino, Steeve Paquet,
Dramaturge Jacob Zimmer 
Associate Director Bonnie Kim.
Music by 
Josh Thorpe using 60 field recordings made by people involved with the company - each asked to record a place they like to sit for a minute.