loveloss (2013)

Rarely finding creative motivation in the events from his personal life, in this work Michael Trent takes the time to look at the bodily affects of love and loss. It is often said of love and of loss that there are stages, which change and grow, suffer setbacks and make great leaps forward. These stages are what we understand only after; in the middle - in the experience - there is meeting and parting, finding stability or barely balancing on our own or with loved ones. Loss exposes us and demands we find a way back to each other and to ourselves by moving in ways that avoid the paralysis of sadness and missing. Because in missing so much it makes us reach, throw our bodies just to see if we can still catch ourselves. It makes us stop and start again to be sure we are not lost in the thousand-yard stare that sees everything and nothing. Visible and exposed from all sides, loveloss asks the performers to imagine and sense, to improvise their way through states of activities and states of being as they move into love and into loss, out of love and out of loss.

Premiere: February 2013
Dancemakers Centre for Creation 

Choreography by Michael Trent

Created with and performed by Robert Abubo, Amanda Acorn, Ellen Furey, Simon Portigal, Simon Renaud

Composer Christopher Willes
Dramaturge Jacob Zimmer
Lighting Designer Kimberly Purtell
Costume Designer Vanessa Fischer

Press from Original Run

Press from Tour to l'Agora

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with support from the Hal Jackman Foundation