JACOB and NOVA  (2011)

 by Jacob Zimmer and Nova Bhattacharya

After years of working as a dramaturge, Jacob Zimmer makes his choreographic debut with Dancemakers. Story Dance Radio, he tells a simple story framed by the sound and music of the 70's; rebellion, liberation and death, with looks that might, now, undermine all the seriousness. 

Nova Bhattacharya is a trailblazer known for bringing classical Indian dance into a contemporary aesthetic. In her Dancemakers choreographic debut, she takes us on a journey through an abstract physical world with a sense of limitless possibility and boundless space.


Premiere: December 2011
Dancemakers Centre for Creation

Choreography by Jacob Zimmer and Nova Bhattacharya

Created with and performed by Robert Abubo, Amanda Acorn, Kate Holden, Simon Renaud, Pierre-Marc Ouellette.
Costume Designer: Vanessa Fischer
Lighting Designer: Simon Rossiter
Associate Director: Bonnie Kim

In performance:

In process