What is the capacity of Theatre studio 313?

The Fire Code dictates that a maximum of 180 people standing is acceptable, and this includes the 94 red folding chairs.

What is the capacity of the michael baker studio 314?

The Fire Code dictates that a maximum of 65 people standing is acceptable.

HOW do i book my studio rental?

First check the on-line calendar to see what's available!

Then go to the online platform by clicking here

HOW do i PAY FOR my studio rental?

You are required to pay for your rental booking when you reserve a studio through the online platform by clicking here

You can pay by regular credit card or Visa Debit. We do not accept cheques, cash payments or e-transfers.

How do I access the keys to the Studios?

The Studios' keys are in the lockbox on the Green Room door. Once your booking is confirmed, the lockbox code will be issued to you - we change it on a regular basis.

Remember to return the keys to the lockbox after your rental period. You will be changed $75 for lost keys.

Please do not remove the lockbox from the Green Room door.

How does building lock-up work on weekends and evenings?

The entrance from 9 Trinity Street remains open during business hours, and you can access the space through there if the 15 Case Goods Lane entrance is locked.

If the buildings are locked, please contact Distillery District security at 416-522-3258.

Are there additional tables and chairs?

Dancemakers has a variety of folding tables that are shared between both studios. There are 33 portable chairs. If you need more, please let us know when you book.

What are the dance floors rules?

The dance floor must not be punctured under any circumstances. Please remove your shoes when you enter the studio. In the winter time, it is especially important to leave shoes and boots outside the studio, as street and sidewalk salt is very corrosive. If you must wear your shoes, please make sure that they are "ìndoor" shoes.

Please make time to clean the floor at the end of your rental period.

How do I clean the dance floors?

The dance floors MUST be cleaned after the end of every rental. Wet and dry mops are in the first room of the Green Room and live behind the door. Go over the floor with the large dry mop first to collect dust and dirt. For the wet mop, grab a towel from the bins under the sink in the green room vestibule, wet it in the sink, and then lay it down on the dance floor. Place the squeegee mop on top of the towel and push the mop along the floor. As you move forward, move the squeegee down the towel and then fold the towel over the squeegee. When the towel is no longer wet, you can flip it over or wet a new one and repeat the process.


Can we put tape on the dance floors? 

You can only use spike tape. If you are only renting for part of or all of the day, please remove all tape at the end of your rental session. If you have rented the studio exclusively, you may put down tape and leave it there, but you must remove it and wash the floors at the end of your rental period. Please do not scrape the tape of the floor with a knife etc. or use any abrasive materials.  

Is there a sound system that I can use in the studios?

There is an in-house stereo system in both spaces. In the Baker Studio 314, you can use tape cassettes, CDs or an iPod or laptop input. In the Theatre Studio 313, you can use the CD player, iPod and laptop input.

Do you have music stands?

You will need to provide your own music stands. Please make sure that they do not scratch/puncture the floors.

Do you have a piano and is it tuned?

We have an upright piano in each studio and they are tuned every three months. Please let us know at time of booking if you need the piano tuned over and above our regular tuning schedule and we will book the tuner at a cost of $150 to you. Do not bring in your own tuner, and do not attempt to tune the piano yourself.

Do I have access to the Green Room?

Renters are granted access to the Green Room which is considered a shared space for use by renters and the Dancemakers staff. Please respect the space, clean all dishes immediately, and remove any food from the fridge at the end of your rental period.

What amenities are in the Green Room?

The Green Room has a kitchenette with a table, chairs, sink, fridge, electric kettle, microwave, electric kettle, dishes, cups and cutlery for common use - please do not remove these items from the Green Room and please do not label any cups or dishes for exclusive use by your company.

You may use the bottled water in the Green Room - please do not remove it!

Renters need to supply their own sugar, sweetener, milk, cream, stir sticks and water jugs. 

What kind of activities can I hold in the Green Room?

Clients are more than welcome to use the Green Room as a quiet space to eat, review notes, or rest. Please do not use it to hold vocal rehearsals, meetings, or go over notes after a rehearsal or performance. Do not exclude other renters from sharing the space. 

WHAT ABOUT MY rehearsal/PERFORMANCE items (props, set elements, etc.)?

Please do not arrive early with items for drop-off - we do not have a safe space for overnight storage.

We can, however, book the studios a little earlier for you to load-in and set up which has to be done within your rental time period. 


Sorry, but we cannot sell your tickets for you. We advise that you make it  very clear on all marketing material how your audiences purchase their tickets.


Please make sure that you you use the correct and address on your marketing material:

Dancemakers Centre for Creation

9 Trinity Street, Theatre Studio 313 OR Baker Studio 314

Toronto's Distillery Historic District