Public Series Two

Get up close to our Resident Artists and their work through our curated series of performances, talks, workshops and parties that throw new light on what we’re doing. In Public Series Two, we inaugurate a dance film festival, give you a preview of the in-progress work of our Resident Artists and keep our Capitalism, Sex, and Magic makers talking.

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2015-16 Season Preview: Michel And Smutny In Progress Showing [April 29-30 @ 8pm]

Dance Film Festival: Classics [May 1 @ 8pm]

Dance Film Festival: New Work [May 2 @ 8pm]

Dance Film Workshop [May 2, All day]

Keith Hennessy in Conversation - Artist Talk [May 6 @ 7pm]

Eroca Nicols and Andrew Tay - Artist Talk [May 9 @ 6:30pm]

Post/Contact - Keith Hennessy Professional Training Workshop [May 12-16, 11-6pm]

Closing Night Party [May 16 @ 9pm]