Amelia ehrhardt - Curator

Photo By: Yuula Benivolski

Photo By: Yuula Benivolski

Amelia Ehrhardt is a curator and dancer based in Toronto. She is the founder of the multidisciplinary performance series Flowchart and was the Curating Producer of the inaugural Dance Series at SummerWorks Performance Festival.  She has worked in residence at HATCH/Harbourfront Centre and Toronto Dance Theatre and has been commissioned by the Nomadic Curatorial Collective. Amelia has performed in works by Carol Anderson, Susie Burpee,and Julia Sasso. In 2014 Amelia reanimated Suzy Lake's Choreographed Puppet and the Art Gallery of Ontario's First Thursdays event. She maintains a collaborative relationship with Performance Maker Liz Peterson and works frequently with multimedia artist Zeesy Powers.

You can contact her at or call 416-367-1800 ext. 202

Benjamin Kamino - Curator


Benjamin Kamino is a dancer and dance-curator. He is a co-founder of do what you can, an online resource for artists based in Montreal [] and maintains member participation in Interferencias, an international encounter devoted to research on performance and collaboration []. Kamino continues to make and perform dance work, mostly outside of Toronto where he works as curator at Dancemakers Centre for Creation. Active touring works include a solo-dance, Nudity. Desire, and a group work, m/Other + dark meaningless touch.  Less these days, yet still integrally valuable to his artistic practice, Kamino maintains his currency as a dancer by engaging in contracts with independent choreographers and dance companies, most recent his dance work has been in collaboration with visual artist Virgil Baruchal, and visual artist Travis Clarke.

You can contact him at or call 416-367-1800 ext. 201

Robert Abubo - Company Dancer

Robert Abubo has been a member of Dancemakers since September 2008. Abubo worked with Le Groupe Dance Lab from 1994 to 2006, under artistic director Peter Boneham. As an independent dance artists, he has worked with Tedd Robinson, Louise Lecavalier, Sylvain Emard, Lynda Gaudreau, Shannon Cooney, Bill James, Luc Dunberry, Winnpeg's Contemporary Dancers, Heidi Strauss, Kate Hilliard and Dana Gingras. Abubo's own choreographic works have been presented by the Canada Dance Festival, Tangente, Dancer's Studio West, Kaeja d'Dance, Nuit Blanche (Toronto), CanAsian Dance Festival and The Toronto Love-In. Abubo graduated from David Moroni's class of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School's professional division.

Amanda Acorn - Company Dancer

Amanda Acorn is a Toronto based performer, choreographer and teacher. A company artist with Dancemakers since 2010, she has collaborated and performed in Adaptation Project, loveloss, and Hi-Fi: Rumschspringe. Independently, she has performed and developed works with Susie Burpee, Helen Husak, Lady Janitor, Keaja d’Dance, Andrea Spaziani, Heidi Strauss and Cara Spooner among others. Her solo works, you/me/us (prologue) and multiform have been presented in Toronto, Ottawa and Calgary. She has created in residence at Hub14 and Dancemakers in Toronto and Earthdance (USA). Passionate about advocating for the status of the artist, she is the co-founder of the grass roots organization, the Toronto Dance Community Love-In and is a member of the board of directors for the Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists - Ontario Chapter. She is a graduate of the School of Toronto Dance Theatre's Professional Training Program and has participated in professional development projects in Vienna, Amsterdam, Berlin and Genoa, Italy.

Ellen Furey - Company Dancer

Ellen Furey is an invested, multidisciplinary artist working in both Toronto and Montreal, Canada. She is a member of Dancemakers and freelances with Daniel Léveillé Danse, Susanna Hood, Nicolas Cantin, Fréd Gravel, Montréal Danse,
Adam Kinner, Simon Portigal, Benjamin Kamino, Stéphane Gladyszewski, Paula de Vasconcelos, Marten Spangberg. She is a part of the independent art initiative, Emotion Garage.

Ellen leads her own practice of making and performing and is passionate about critical discourse; she actively employs criticailty in her endeavours in order to position herself within the contemporary art machine. Of late, she uses DIY methods in creation and experiments with subverting the conventional ratio of rehearsal to performance in dance-making. Consequently, her latest work Performing Performance or Practising Performance occurs as a series of one-off spectacles where she books and performs shows with little rehearsal or forethought without desire for repeatability, functioning on only very basic resources, making - of the performance - a practice.

Her work has been presented in both Toronto and in Montreal in intimate venues and galleries. Ellen was a DanceWeb participant in Vienna, Austria as a part of the ImpulsTanz International Festival in 2014.

Simon Portigal - Company Dancer

Simon Portigal [(1987, Calgary, Alberta) trained at LADMMI and P.A.R.T.S.] has been working in Canada since 2011. Since that time he has worked and performed, nationally and internationally, with Chad Dembski, Public Recordings/Ame Henderson, Phin Performing Arts/ Lisa Phinney Langley, Andrew Tay, Sasha Kleinplatz, Adam Kinner, Zoja Smutny, Ellen Furey, Dancemakers, Marten Spangberg (SE), and Nestor Garcia Diaz (BE/ES).

In 2012, he was commissioned to make a work for the Reykjavik Dance Festival alongside Vedis Kjartansdottir, Inga Huld Hakonardottir, and Louis Combeaud. In 2014, he was commissioned to collaborate on a work with visual artist Brendan Fernandes, composer and arranger Minna Rhee Choi, and pop musician Tom Krell (How to Dress Well) which premiered at the Berliner Festspiele’s Foreign Affairs Program 2014 in Berlin. Alongside his work at Dancemakers, he is currently working independently on projects with Adelheid/Heidi Strauss, Amelia Ehrhardt and Emotion Garage.