Ellen Furey - Company Dancer

Ellen Furey is an invested, multidisciplinary artist working in both Toronto and Montreal, Canada. She is a member of Dancemakers and freelances with Daniel Léveillé Danse, Susanna Hood, Nicolas Cantin, Fréd Gravel, Montréal Danse,
Adam Kinner, Simon Portigal, Benjamin Kamino, Stéphane Gladyszewski, Paula de Vasconcelos, Marten Spangberg. She is a part of the independent art initiative, Emotion Garage.

Ellen leads her own practice of making and performing and is passionate about critical discourse; she actively employs criticailty in her endeavours in order to position herself within the contemporary art machine. Of late, she uses DIY methods in creation and experiments with subverting the conventional ratio of rehearsal to performance in dance-making. Consequently, her latest work Performing Performance or Practising Performance occurs as a series of one-off spectacles where she books and performs shows with little rehearsal or forethought without desire for repeatability, functioning on only very basic resources, making - of the performance - a practice.

Her work has been presented in both Toronto and in Montreal in intimate venues and galleries. Ellen was a DanceWeb participant in Vienna, Austria as a part of the ImpulsTanz International Festival in 2014.