A Public Creation Process

Dancepost is about throwing the studio doors wide open and inviting the public in to witness dance creation in action.

Over three weeks Dancemakers company artists Amanda Acorn, Simon Portigal, Ellen Furey, and Robert Abubo will be working with one another on their own choreographic process, and you’re invited to join them. Come during our visiting hours below and watch these projects unfold.

Here is a link to the Facebook Event for you to join, add to your calendar, and invite your friends to.




June 29 – July 3 | 1–3pm
July 6 – July 10 | 6–9pm
July 13 – July 17 | 1–3pm


Dancemakers, Main Stage 313
9 Trinity Street, 3rd Floor
Toronto, ON M5A 3C4
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Artistic Statement

 Ellen Furey

Ellen Furey

I impose on myself the task of having to manifest the idea as soon as possible. If the idea has come it must be very important. It is my doing for you the show. While executing this non-invited community chore I am also exploring what is necessary or not necessary in creating an event/happening. There is space to occupy in the public sphere (a performance mat or stage), there are audiences lining up for other shows, there are festival quarters where theatre goers already gather, there are passers by to listen/watch, there is Facebook to alert my friends and set the moment in cyber-stone, there are big beautiful buildings and institutions with huge concrete eyes and spectating capacities that are waiting to see a performance that by pointing at them, allows them to release their grip on the privatization of artistic resources... For example.

Specifically situated in the distillery, I’ll try to find ways of performing the in-coming ideas to/for it. What do the old distillery buildings wish to watch/hear just for them? What could we help the buildings with by reading them their weekly horoscope? Maybe it would be nice to properly welcome each of the condo skyscrapers to their top-heavy, wavering, Toronto existence and wish them a nice life. We could sing them happy birthday and perform a dance. The gestation time of those buildings is around 3-5 years.

I’ll be continuing to research the non-invitation as the platform for the performance. This research stemmed from a larger over arching frame that I’ve been calling Performing Performance. Performing Performance makes of performance a practice. It is my doing for you the show. (I’ve been looking for depressurized modes of making and showing with an interest in equalizing the ratio of private and public doings.)
— Ellen Furey