dark meaningless touch. Telepathy. Closure

Taught by Benjamin Kamino
Monday, January 5 - Friday January 9
10am @ Dancemakers, Studio 313


This is a class from dance for life and living. 

What is it to touch without feeling? Feelings without touch? [Being together in the dark] Where is the meaningless space?

This class positions the body as a primary source for knowledge production. Engaging in a practice of touching without feeling we will become closer then close. [more-then-] Together we will we search for a closure of feeling beyond feeling, a state beyond empathy. This class will attempt to depart from the actual in honour of the speculative - the potential spaces outside of meaning.

All we can ever do is doing. All we can ever make is noise

Things begin when you arrive, there will be some literature to browse at your leisure and convenience, documents that have contributed to the language of this work. Eventually you will be asked to engage with an irresponsible cardio warm up; activating the movement of fluid systems in the body and softening the muscle tissue with a meditation on the senses immediately following this activity of intensity.

You will be gently guided through a touching practice that will seduce the arrival of darkness. Proximity, closure, love and pop music will be offered as experiential devices meant to help/hinder a meaningless space – inherently flawed, this class will never bring into question notions of success or failure. After a longtime of touching in the dark, the light will be invited in as a marker of reality and permission to re-enter a becoming individual – a 'feeling without touch'.

This class resides in many frames. There is no requirements to participate in this work but two particular texts may prove helpful and are worth researching before hand.

A portion on openness taken from the book “Cyclonopedia” by Reza Negerestani.

An essay entitled “Copoiesis” by Bracha Ettinger, published in Ephemera.

Both texts are available in PDF, please contact Benjamin Kamino at bbk219@gmail.com to acquire these texts.

No prior dance training is necessary for participating in these workshops.

Super Awesome Fun Time

Taught by Emi Forster
Monday January 12 - Friday January 16
10am @ Dancemakers, Studio 313

This class is based on a desire to find a way of moving that lets us have a good time – a Super Awesome Fun Time, in fact. We’ll explore full ranges of motion through both improvised and transferred movement to find physical and left-brain challenges, and leave the over-analysis shit at the door. There will be great music, big moves, seeing while moving, performing while dancing and possibly some kind of rave. Come experiencing to sweat and laugh – the exact awesomeness of the fun will be up to you.

Technique CLASS

Taught by Amanda Acorn
Monday, January 19 - Friday January 23
10am @ Dancemakers, Studio 313

Sharing our collective understanding of our functional anatomies as a starting place, we will begin with where we are. Using these points of reference to work safely and with efficiency, we will use multiple approaches and systems to address both the physical and energetic body. Applying somatic practices, choreography and improvisation that move in and out of the floor, the class aims to bring the whole self into a state of heightened readiness for moving, making and dancing.


We will dance together to loud music.

We will probably do qigong exercises I learned from youtube