Benjamin Kamino - Curator


Benjamin Kamino is a dancer and dance-curator. He is a co-founder of do what you can, an online resource for artists based in Montreal [] and maintains member participation in Interferencias, an international encounter devoted to research on performance and collaboration []. Kamino continues to make and perform dance work, mostly outside of Toronto where he works as curator at Dancemakers Centre for Creation. Active touring works include a solo-dance, Nudity. Desire, and a group work, m/Other + dark meaningless touch.  Less these days, yet still integrally valuable to his artistic practice, Kamino maintains his currency as a dancer by engaging in contracts with independent choreographers and dance companies, most recent his dance work has been in collaboration with visual artist Virgil Baruchal, and visual artist Travis Clarke.

You can contact him at or call 416-367-1800 ext. 201