Art Practice for All
Entering the Practice of Zoja Smutny

 Zoja Smutny in  Recent Future . Image by Guntar Kravis.

Zoja Smutny in Recent Future. Image by Guntar Kravis.

Zoja Smutny guides us through the beginnings of the practice of art-making.

All artists go through the process of formulating language for the process of making art and it is precisely this language for making that sometimes gets lost when it comes to audience interactions.

Smutny wants to help tackle this barrier of language by demystifying the process of making. In this workshop, she hopes to help participants find new processes of listening and watching by inviting people (both artists and non-artists) into a creative space and choreographing conversations between them. These conversations invite a mode of listening that evades ownership and authorship – the hope being that participants will take influence from each other, appropriate each other’s practices and find ways to begin new processes that provide creative starting points without necessitating solid outcomes.

January 24, 12-4pm