This Desiring Pony is performed by the alter ego SCHPANDO. She materialized as a voice that brings consciousness to the unconscious of A Spaziani. She speaks indirectly, through technology, and performatively, in an attempt to improvise new forms that attend to the present moment, as it is being listened to. She’s a character in a constant state of surrender, wearing the affects around her for the split second of their intensity. She is a strange mirror, reflective of the partial data of a moment. She questions how to be in the world by shining a light on the immediate affects of its force. She is ‘human’ only insofar as the definition holds. She is constantly morphing and slipping out from under the constraint of language, turning its meaning into malleable material for its own annihilation. She is a representation of how to perceive the present as both incomplete and novel, and how to get out of a constraint by going deeper into its particularities. This work is for accessing the courage to keep going.




Andrea Spaziani has been making dances in Toronto for 11 years. She is interested in the work of perception, and confronting ego. She is a choreographer who constantly writes. She considers thinking and moving at the same time an expression of mentality, and she is interested in capturing its dubious poetry. She is constantly identifying the present moment. Her line of questioning is endless, and technology is a recurring tool. Andrea has shown work in Toronto, Montreal, New York (USA), and Berlin (GE), and has collaborated with artist across disciplines. She has attended workshops and residencies internationally, most recently at HEIMA in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland. Her research has culminated in several texts, including Nostalgia for the Nostalgia for the Hadron Collider (2012), (2014) and Exiting, Re-Existing (2014). She studied at Ryerson University, and the Transart Institute/ Plymouth University, and has been a pilates instructor for the past 10 years.

Photos by Alejandro Fargosonini