Amelia Ehrhardt pictured in her work "No Context" Photo Yuula Benivolski

Amelia Ehrhardt pictured in her work "No Context" Photo Yuula Benivolski

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Monday nights: Mechanical Investigation, FOR BEGINNERS OF ALL AGES

Slowed down explanations, slower moving through choreography, more instructive time spent on improvisation (as opposed to just "let's start dancing") and in general a bit of a slower dive into dancing. If you want to spend a lot of time really focused on functional anatomy and breaking down movements, and less time learning set material, or have never taken any form of dance class before, this class is for you.

Tuesday nights: Choreographic InvestigatioN, FOR THOSE WITH MORE EXPERIENCE

These classes with operated more quickly than the Mechanical Investigation classes with (somewhat!) more complicated choreographic sequences, more time focusing on set material, more elaborate improvisational scores, and more challenging movements and positions. If you want to move a bit more quickly, get a bit more of a workout, spend more time on more challenging choreographic sequences, and less time getting the choreographic material explained to you, or if you have taken Amelia’s class before and want to move more quickly, this class is for you.


Amelia Ehrhardt's Adult Contemporary Dance Classes focus on the basics of post-modern and contemporary dance techniques and offer a gentle, guided, and fun way into dancing. Topics such as postural alignment, efficiency in movement, balance, and coming in and out of the floor will be explored. Participants will work both in set choreography/phrasework and guided improvisation. These classes are geared towards those with little to no experience with dance technique, or to those looking to revisit their childhood dance careers. These classes are queer/trans positive and body positive. Amelia's teaching is rooted in a social justice oriented pedagogy that insists that a healthy experience and rigorous artistic/physical investigation do not need to be mutually exclusive. Individuals of all ages are welcome.

Classes take place at Dancemakers Centre for Creation in Toronto’s Distilery Historic District, from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm. Dancemakers is an accessible venue and our change rooms are gender-neutral. 

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