Flowchart is a series of short multidisciplinary performance works. It shows work by artists engaging with the choreographic from the perspective of multiple fields; work which pays attention to organizing movement in space + having it be affected by/also itself affect time. By contextualizing non-dance works within the choreographic, an engagement with these ideas becomes newly visible. Flowchart is interested in works that centralize the body and offers a curiosity about what happens to non-dance works when they are presented in the scope of a field that inevitably does so.

FLOWCHART takes place at Dancemakers Centre for Creativity, 9 Trinity Street, Toronto's Historic Distillery District. Performances are at 8 pm, and tickets are PWYC at the door.

FLOWCHART # 2 - February 23, 2017

Open Fortress (Allie Blumas, Anna Mayberry, Lee Gelbloom and Jolyane Langlois) | Aliya Pabani | Syrus Marcus Ware

FLOWCHART # 3 - April 6, 2017

Lo Bil | Fan Wu/Thom Gill | Robert Kingsbury