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Over her first four weeks in residence, Dana Michel will be working with the artistic team at Dancemakers Centre for Creation to revisit, transmit, and blow apart 1976 – making a group piece from the rubble.

Beginning from an older work requires Michel to revisit her origins as a dance-maker, framing her repertory in the currency of ‘now’. Dancemakers’ company dancers Robert Abubo, Amanda Acorn, Ellen Furey, and Simon Portigal all have their own artistic practices and voices. Michel’s risky proposal is to invoke these voices to re-imagine her previous work, opening herself to the processes of other artists and intentionally seeking out a vulnerable space for working – not an easy task!

 Image by Michel Wolfgang Lienbacher

Image by Michel Wolfgang Lienbacher

“1976 seems somehow to be a logical place to start. Let’s start at one beginning. We will meet over a sort of meal, a composition of courses that was made up of some of my personal explorations. So, a-ha! Time to see more directly about this theory of my truths/untruths tapping into your truths/untruths. Is the connection clear and direct or will there be a soft alchemic propulsion into a whole other spring-loaded destination?”
— Dana Michel

We are excited about this precarious investigation: a dance that interrogates itself both in its construction and presentation. Asking what might happen if we decide not to begin again, 1976, have several questions our addiction to the new.

January 28 @ 8pm
January 29 @ 8pm
January 30 @ 8pm
January 31 @ 8pm


Also See The Original 1976

1976 Dana

Also see the original work, 1976, as part of In Touch running from January 22-24 @ 8pm. Tickets are available for $20/$25.